Edgardo Mercado is a Director, Choreographer, Researcher and Professor.

Before he dedicated himself to dance, he studied Physical Science at the UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires – University of Buenos Aires) and gives Maths lessons at University.

He trained in the city of Buenos Aires with the most highly acclaimed dance masters and furthered his studies in the United States and Europe, where he was invited to the Choreographic Center of Rillieux –la-Pape, directed by Maguy Marin. He danced in the United States, France, New Zealand, and in Argentina, where he joined the company Nucleodanza, directed by Margarita Bali and Susana Tambutti.

His works have been a part of the dance Biennial at Lyon, the American Dance Festival, Panorama in Rio, Lila Lopez in Mexico, and FIBA (Festival Internacional de Teatro de Buenos Aires – International Theatre Festival Buenos Aires), among others.

He created “Argumentos a favor de la oscuridad” (Arguments in favor of darkness) especially for the CETC (Centro de Experimentación del Teatro Colón – Experimentation Center of the Teatro Colón), “Rotonda” (Roundabout) for the Contemporary Ballet of the Teatro General San Martín, “Recitaciones” (Recitations) for the TACEC (Teatro Argentino de La Plata Centro de  Experimentación y Creación – Experimentation and Creation Center, Teatro Argentino de La Plata) and “m, o cualidades y variants de la masa” (m, or qualities and variants of mass)  for the Dance Company of IUNA (Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte – National University Institute of Arts). In 2012 he was named Director of the Dance Company of the Universidad Nacional del Litoral, for which he created the work “La gravedad de la cosa” (which loosely translates into “The gravity of it”).

Several organizations have supported and awarded his work, among which are Antorchas Foundation, the Embassy of France, Fondo Nacional de las Artes (National Fund of the Arts), Iberescena, special award from the jury in the Paradigma Digital Contest, 1st prize in the Choreographic Contest IUNA – Tanz im August (Berlin).

His work is characterized for opening spaces for the observation and questioning of the contemporary world, using hybridizations, crossings and frontiers between different disciplines, to tackle renewed concerns about dance and body; in a space-time marked by order-disorder, recursion and self-simile; and which is pervaded by the aesthetics of a body-information, body-interface, body-presented/represented, and –post human- body.

He is an Adjunct Professor in the graduate course, Researcher, Postgraduate Professor and graduation thesis Director in the Department of Movement Arts at IUNA. Several international institutes have summoned him to give workshops and seminars, such as the French Institute for the 3rd edition of Danza en Construccion in Cuba, or the Cultural Office of Spain in Buenos Aires and the CCEBA, for which he is now part of the interdisciplinary collective touchandgoreality.