LA GRAVEDAD DE LA COSA (The gravity of it)

This work builds upon gravitation theories by Newton, Einstein and Stephen Hawking, and submerges us in an experience which raises questions about the limits of perception; it progresses differentially in time, expanding it, so it renders in its wake a spectral body, an organic body and an undetermined body.

Afterwards, the experience takes place between multidirectional oscillations which themselves halfway between the anthropomorphic and the amorphous, between the real experience and the sci-fi story, between movement and pause…

This creation was the result of a staging process which Edgardo engaged in as Director of the Dance Company of the Universidad Nacional del Litoral. It opened on the 12th of May in the 8th edition of the festival Argentino de Danza and had a two-season run in the Cultural Forum of the city of Santa Fe.

In 2013 it was invited for the 2nd year in a row to the festival Argentino de Danza (Argentinian Dance Festival).

Idea, direction and choreography: Edgardo Mercado
Performers: Mauro Cappadoro, César Ignacio Carosela, Sergio Coronel, Mariano Dufour.
Choreographic assistant: Claudia Correa
Choreographic collaboration: Claudia Correa, Mauro Cappadoro, César Ignacio Carosela, Sergio Coronel, Mariano Dufour.
Original soundtrack: Edgardo Martínez
Costume design: Facundo Ternavasio
Lighting and set design: Mario Pascullo
This work was produced by de Secretaria de Cultura de la UNL (Universidad Nacional del Litoral)