ARGUMENTOS A FAVOR DE LA OSCURIDAD (Arguments in favour of darkness)

What we look at and by whom we are seen, hypertrophy of information, which terminates any possible gaze, the light which dazzles us.

The dissolution of reality through its interpretations, hiding the fact that reality is not reality any more, but simply appearance.

This work was created for the non-conventional space of CETC (Centro de Experimentación del Teatro Colón – Center for experimentation of the Teatro Colón), season 2009.

This work, which completes the trilogy which started with Tierra de Mandelbrot (Land of Mandelbrot) and continued with Plano difuso (Fuzzy Map), makes use of a stage device which generates two works in one by employing multimedia tools.

It participated in the V Festival Buenos Aires Danza Contemporánea, after being part of the programming of FID ´08 (Forum Internacional de Danza in Belo Horizonte) and of the Festival Panorama in Río de Janeiro.

Co-produced whith the CETC, it received a grant from PRODANZA, the Metropolitan Fund for the Arts and Sciences and the support of the of extension department of IUNA.

Idea, direction and choreography: Edgardo Mercado

Original music and multimedia creation of digital imaging: Gabriel Gendin.
Dancers: Aymará Parola/Inés Armas, María Eugenia Cairo, Lía Mazza, Roberta Menzaghi, Mariana Tellechea.
Multimedia design of digital imaging: Gabriel Gendin and Edgardo Mercado.
Lighting design: Gonzalo Córdova.
Set design: Ariel Vaccaro.
Costume design: Federico Laboreau.
Prodution assistant: Laura Arensburg.
Photography: José Carracedo.

Aknowledgements: dancers Diego Poblete, Exequiel Barreras, Pablo Fermani and Emanuel Ludueña.