This work is based on the aesthetics of the body-information, highlighting the power of new technologies as regulators of our fates and manipulators of perception.

An individual travels through an urban labyrinth until he withdraws into himself in a point of space, stillness comes as an exit, but it is not enough, more can be asked for: to rid himself of his material residue, to be digital, to be information.

This work was part of the programming of the Dance Biennial of Lyon 2006, IV Festival Buenos Aires Danza Contemporánea, ADF (American Dance Festival), the VI FIBA, XXVIII Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea Lila López in San Luis de Potosí, México. In November 2008 it was part of the circuit Festivales Internacionales de Danza in Brazil, made up by the Festival de Danza de Recife in Pernambuco, the Dance Biennial of Ceará, FID-Forum Internacional de Danza of Minas Gerais and the Festival Panorama de Danza in Río de Janeiro. It was also awarded the special prize from the jury by Macstation at the Paradigma digital contest 2007.

Idea, direction and choreography: Edgardo Mercado
Choreography assistance: Pablo Castronovo
Dancer: Pablo Castronovo
Multimedia imaging design: Gabriel Gendín con Edgardo Mercado.
Multimedia imaging: Gabriel Gendin
Original music: Gabriel Gendín.
Lighting design: Gonzalo Córdova
Sound and video: Gabriel Gendín
Costume design: Emilce Benitez
General technical assistant: Soledad Gutierrez
Production assistant: Laura Arensburg
Photography: José Carracedo

This work was completed thanks to the grant from the National Fund for the Arts for creation and to the support of the University Extension of IUNA, Department of Movement Arts.