Three performers inhabit a cold and fuzzy space, scored by images and beams of light which hit on their bodies, starting a journey against their own presence, which walks the edge between determinism and randomness.

Tierra de Mandelbrot was a part of the Dance Biennial in Lyon 2006

It opened in the III Festival Buenos Aires Danza Contemporánea, and was part of the program for the V Festival Internacional de Teatro de Buenos Aires.

It was nominated to the Teatros del Mundo 2005 awards as one of the best choreographic directions of the season. In 2008, it was part of the circuit Festivales Internacionales de Danza in Brazil, made up by the Festival de Danza de Recife in Pernambuco, the Dance Biennial of Ceará, FID-Forum Internacional de Danza of Minas Gerais and the Festival Panorama de Danza in Río de Janeiro.

It was also part of the program of the Maths Festival of Buenos Aires 2009.

This work was given a grant by PRODANZA and the support of the University Extension Department of IUNA.

Idea, direction and choreography: Edgardo Mercado

Choreographic collaboration: Sofía Cerdan
Performers: Inés Armas, Lía Mazza.
Violin: Rodrigo López Klingenfuss.
Multimedia design of digital imaging: Gabriel Gendín.
Original music: Rodrigo López Klingenfuss
Lighting design: Gonzalo Córdova
Sound and video: Gabriel Gendín
Sound engineering: Lucas Cordiviola
Costume design: Laureano Mon y Cecilia Coronado
General technical assistant: Soledad Gutierrez
Production assistant: Laura Arensburg
Photography: José Carracedo

This work was created thanks to the grant awarded by PRODANZA, 2004