M (O CUALIDADES Y VARIANTES DE LA MASA) – M (or qualities and variants of mass)

The idea of mass (m), as a result of the sum of individualities in search of the ideal of presenting themselves as a uniform crowd has been the starting point of this proposal, created especially for the Dance Company of IUNA.

In m, the dancers’ bodies acquire a dual purpose, because they are also the generators of the only sound present in the work.

What seems to be, at the beginning, a rythmic game, will acquire meaning throughout the work, when this uniform and disciplined group invites us to reflect upon the irony of a subordinate throng which results in an expectant mass.

Created for the Dance Company of IUNA and opened on the 3rd of December, 2010 at El Portón de Sanchez. Later, it took part of the Ciudanza Festival 2011 in Buenos Aires, at the Parque de la Memoria.

Idea, direction and choreography: Edgardo Mercado

Performers: Bárbara  Alonso, Ezequiel Barrios,  Gastón Martin Barroso, Andrea Constanza  Boyko, Carla Victoria  Di Grazia, Esteban Hernán  Esquivel,  María Luisa  Ginevro,   Julia  Gómez,  María Sol Gorosterrazu Vera,  Yamila  Guillermo, Marcela  Natalia  Jiménez,  Franco Luis La Pietra, Nahuel Leopoldo  Ledesma,  Carlos Ariel  Missirian,  Carla Ester  Rimola, Ignacio  Sareceni,  Alejo Hugo Enrique  Wilkinson Hassler
Costume design: Federico Laboreau
Musical direction : Gastón Taylor
Lighting design: Paola Costamagna

This work was done with the creative collaboration of the members of the Dance Company of IUNA 2010 under the general direction of Roxana Grinstein