“Recitations” is the result of the intervention of the musical concert for solo voice “Récitations”, composed by Georges Aperghis in 1978.

This work operates on the original space where a musical concert takes place, to transform it in the place where the alterations of different emotional states are shown.

Commissioned by TACEC (Teatro Argentino de La Plata, centro de Experimentación y Creación).

It opened in September 2010, with the participation of the Dance Company of IUNA and the performance of the French soprano Donatienne Michel-Dansac.

It won the 1st Prize of the Choreographic Contest Tanz im August-IUNA 2011.

In 2013, the work was awarded a grant by the Metropolitan Fund for the Arts and Sciences of the Government of the city of Buenos Aires for its revival with an independent cast and production.

Idea, direction and choreography: Edgardo Mercado

Music : “Récitations” pour voix seule de Georges Aperghis
Singer: Donatienne Michel- Dansac
Performers: Bárbara  Alonso, Andrea Constanza  Boyko, Carla Victoria  Di Grazia,  María Luisa  Ginevro,   Julia  Gómez,  Yamila  Guillermo,  Franco Luis La Pietra, Nahuel Leopoldo  Ledesma,  Carlos Ariel  Missirian,  Carla Ester  Rimola,  Alejo Hugo Enrique  Wilkinson Hassler.
Set design: Ariel Vaccaro
Lighting design: Gonzalo Córdova
Costume design: Federico Laboreau
Production assistance: Laura Arensburg.
?Photography: José Carracedo.

This work was done with the creative collaboration of the members of the Dance Company of IUNA 2010, under the general direction of Roxana Grinstein.